Myron Katz

is an Energy, Moisture and Building Science Consultant with Wisznia Associates (Architects), AIA since 1997 and an adjunct instructor at Tulane University. His mathematics Ph.D. thesis at UC Berkeley led to the first US patent for a prominent class of medical imaging systems. Current professional activities utilize certifications as a Home Energy Rater and an Indoor Environmentalist ( Indoor Air Quality Association). He is a Past-President of the National Energy Raters Association and co-founder of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, which, in its first decade, helped regulators save the citizens of New Orleans over ten billion dollars in electricity and gas bills. In 1986-88, while the Energy Consultant to the Louisiana Attorney General, he was an expert witness before the Louisiana Public Service Commission and co-authored A Proposal for Least-Cost Utility Planning, for the Louisiana legislature. In 1988, he designed a commercial lighting retrofit with a two-month payback. His innovations are frequently two-to-five times as energy efficient as conventional alternatives including: HVAC distribution, insulation and dehumification systems, as well as methods to test their effectiveness. They involve: ground-source heat-pumps, hydronic cooling, cathedralized attics and passive dehumidification. He received the 2002 Special Merit Award for Steering the Professional Development of Certified Louisiana Home Energy Raters from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. He is the principal consultant to a study funded by DOE, Testing and Sealing Ductwork, and Reducing Energy Usage in Existing Residential and Industrial Buildings. As principal author of Generalized Subtraction Correction Algorithm, published in ASTM's Journal of Testing and Evaluation, November 2004, he unified and enhanced duct leakage, house leakiness and zone pressure dependence testing into a fast and robust diagnostic approach for measuring and analyzing the advective flows most important to energy auditing.

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