Guidelines for Disaster Recovery

. . . supporting a developing Draft for Clean-up, Drying & Reconstruction of Homes in or near New Orleans

Please read most of the following before skipping to the bottom to download a copy of the draft guidelines.

As a building scientist and New Orleans resident, I have elected myself to write this document. Although others have written various things along these lines.. (See links within document.)

The draft is both poorly formatted and probably has many errors in content. Under normal conditions, I would never "publish" such work, but this is an emergency sitution and as such it calls for unusual methods and abandonment of concern for what others might think about my scholarship. I have chosen to purposefully make assertions about details that I am not completely certain. I have done this with the hope that my reviewers will either catch the errors or provide the extra information to allow me to have adequate confidence. I am not an expert in all of the various fields the guidelines discuss. I am hoping you, my reviewers will fill those gaps.

    I think the other sets of guidelines available to the public are less appropriate because unless you live in New Orleans and are paying attention as a building scientist, you could hardly be expected to know:
  1. Our Climate:
  2. Our Geology
  3. Our Architecture.
  4. Our population
  5. Common Building materials are not a good match for New Orleans.
  6. Our Changing Conditions

The following link allows you to download the current draft of a work in progress Disaster Recovery Guidelines.

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Signed: Myron Katz.
January, 2006.