NEW Mandatory Efficiency Requirements that all Raters MUST Inspect for when doing an Energy Rating on a New Home

Final Rating Score is decreased by 1 Point for each of these infractions (Base house is increased by 1 point)

In addition to a new home scoring an 86 with the software:

1. If the mechanical system ducts are rigid - inspect for mastic sealing , OR if
If the mechanical system ducts are flex - also inspect that they are rigidly secured with straight runs, and no more than a 45 degree bend, except at registers

2 If the mechanical system has a chase - inspect that the chase has been dry walled, floated, and if on an exterior wall - insulated

3. If the home has any knee wall construction that uses a dry blown insulation material - inspect that some type of retaining sheathing to hold it in place has been installed

4. If the home has a fireplace that penetrates the envelope - inspect that the chimney opening in the attic has been sealed and insulated

5. If the home has recessed lighting fixtures - inspect that the cans are air tight

6. If the attic access door is inside the envelope of the home - inspect that the access has been sealed and insulated

Homes that have all of these features are eligible for the full $2000 rebate, however, for each of the these deficiencies, the rebate will decreased by 8.3% .